With the holiday season right around the corner, start off the new year in the most magical way with a meeting or event at the Disneyland Resort!

The Disneyland Resort continues to offer new attractions and entertainment with the same classic storytelling and magical memories that will take your January meeting to a whole new world – or level.

Here are the top three ways that we can take your meeting experience to new heights:

Let Us Tell Your Story

Bring your idea and theme to life to truly start the year off right in the most magical way! Our trained and expert Cast can help build the story of your event and add distinctly Disney touches to make it even better and more unique to your group.

“Storytelling is truly the heart of Disney, and we love to help Guests bring their own stories to life. Collaboration is key and who better to collaborate with than some of the same teams that are designing the latest entertainment experiences in our Theme Parks.  From start to finish, we partner with you to entertain, create, and inspire,” says Senior Event Consultant Brian Bosch.