Greetings from #IMEXAmerica2022! We are so excited to connect with you on the tradeshow floor over the next couple of days. The annual #SmartMonday sessions are always a can’t-miss event here at IMEX – a chance to hear from top industry experts and thought leaders in meetings and events. This year’s standout sessions focused on audience engagement, sustainability & social impact, and people-centered events.

Here are some of our biggest takeaways from the Smart Monday sessions.

Audience Engagement & Immersive Events

As meeting and event planners, it is imperative to understand how to engage your audience and what it takes to create immersive events that foster a learning environment. At the end of the day, your audience attends an event to learn and grow. Jillian Cardinal from brain date by e180 states that “research has found that 90% of learning retention rate comes from teaching one another.”

Here at Disney Meetings & Events, there are many opportunities for your event attendees to learn and engage in collaborative learning environments. Consider incorporating a “Living Laboratory” into your itinerary with Disney Institute, or having a National Geographic Live explorer share their adventures with your group. Or, play a Kahoot! game to reinforce the main takeaways during your keynote.

Sustainability & Social Impact

Sustainability is about doing what matters the most, first. Mariela McIlwraith, Senior Vice President for Industry Advancement at Events Industry Council presented on the importance of accelerating sustainability and social impact at events. What can you do to prevent the creation of waste at your meeting or event? When you plan with Disney, we have the resources you need to create a digital-first meeting that is sustainable and eco-friendly, from electronic planning assets, to timed HVAC and lighting systems, and more. Read more about our commitment to #GreenMeetings here.

Meetings and events foster innovative ideas and conversations. About 1.5 billion people attend meetings and events each year. Attendees aren’t just hearing information at your meeting; they are taking those insights back to their organizations and communities. What kind of impact are you making? Our experts at Disney Meetings & Events work closely with you to discover goals and create an action plan to deliver your content in a way that is engaging, entertaining, and informative especially for your group.  In an industry of human connections, we have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on individuals, communities, destinations, industries and sectors.

People-Centered Events

Everyone has a story worth sharing, according to Khatdija Meghjani, Senior Storyteller at Dear World.  “By fostering authentic communication, we can build mutual trust, the foundation of effective collaboration,” she states. At Disney Meetings & Events, we have expert storytellers who can help tell your story, whether it’s through custom entertainment, floral and décor, or dynamic technology.

Our goal as meeting planners is to intentionally create an environment that is safe and fosters community and idea-sharing. A way to create these spaces is by using designated areas, like networking lounges, to allow attendees to connect with each other and engage in the event’s content.

We look forward to connecting with you and hearing your story, whether it is at #IMEX22 this week or online. Connect with us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, or Instagram using #DisneyMeetingsAndEvents. 

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