Back in December, PCMA’s Convene published an interesting article by associate editor Corin Hirsh about Generation Y and the Future of Meetings that we wanted to re-share. Since Millennials make up a large group of current and future attendees, how is this growing generation impacting the meetings industry?

Hirsh makes the point that Millennials aren’t about to change meetings as we see them. Instead, she argues that meetings already have changed, and will continue to evolve. 

With nearly 27 percent of Americans falling into this generation, Millennials have been in the workforce for a while — and are already shaping the way meetings are being held. “The original, reductionist assumption that those in their 20s and early 30s possessed fleeting attention spans has evolved into a more nuanced, realistic picture of a highly kinetic and engagement-driven group of people,” said Hirsh.

Conference director, Joe Martin, from BDI Events in Los Angeles, takes this mantra even further. He makes the point that “engagement is just as important as education, and the focus should be on both.” Martin encourages planners to think outside the box and consider stepping away from the conference table as a step to achieve this.

At Disney Meetings, we know how to think outside the box and beyond the boardroom. From developing custom gaming technology for attendees to engaging team building activities and professional development courses facilitated by Disney Institute, our creative talent and experienced resources help planners inspire and motive Generation Y, and beyond.