As part of our on-going "5 Minutes With" series, every month we’ll introduce you to a new member of our Disney Meetings team at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Disneyland Resort in California or Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii. Whether they work in our Disney Convention Resorts, Theme Park Operations, Catering and Convention Services, Sales, Entertainment or dozens of other event-support areas, these Cast Members and their teams are responsible for creating magical experiences and unforgettable events for meeting and event industry professionals, and their important attendees and guests, every single day.

Let’s meet Rose Mogol, Floral Events Manager at Walt Disney World Resort:

Hi, Rose (yes, that’s really her name!). Tell us about your role.  

My role is to provide options to theme a group event through the use of floral centerpieces, linen, chair/furniture options, balloons, and/or ice sculptures. Sometimes, the needs are as simple as colored linen overlays, or I may theme the room entirely from the top to the bottom of the table.

Can you tell us about a typical day at work? 

No day is ever the same for me. I may be in the office one day, working on client proposals or looking for décor options with our vendors. The next day, I may be in the floral shop approving designs with our floral designers… or even onsite myself to manage the set up. Often, it’s a combination of both!

How do you and your team work with meeting and event planners?  

Most commonly, I may take an Event Consultant’s lead on the overall décor and provide options to the Client; or, I may meet with both the Client and Event Consultant for more detailed options on décor. If it is a full-scale event design utilizing a Creative Director and Producer, I’ll work with the production team to provide a comprehensive package to tell the Guest’s story.

Can you describe one of the most interesting or unique challenges you’ve had to overcome in your role?  

Disney Floral & Gifts covers the entire Disney property and beyond – that's over twice the size of Manhattan! To be a master at this role, our team knows every nook and cranny of every location… as well as how to load in and out of the event venue quickly!

Can you describe one of your best Disney memories related to your position assisting a convention/meeting group? 

My background with the floral team is actually in weddings, and I thought that I’d lose that relationship with a bride. But, it’s quite the contrary! We get a chance to develop unique relationships with our Clients, so we’re excited to have them back again. You start to really get to know your groups and provide that personal touch.

What is your favorite part of your role?  

There are over 76,000 roles available here at Walt Disney World Resort, but truly none like this one. I get to dabble in the business of telling a Client’s story and making it pretty at the same time!

What challenges/inspires you every day? 

Décor is a blend of base tradition and new options. You have classic designs and theory, but there are always new options emerging in the market. Similarly, Disney overall is a combination of heritage and new ideas. It’s challenging and motivating to be able to blend both!

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