At Disney, we understand that today’s planners are looking for all the best tips and trends to deliver a highly memorable, successful meeting or event for attendees. We received the latest and greatest “inside scoop” from our Disney Event Consultants, who shared with us these 5 industry tips to make the most of your Disney meeting: 

Tip #1: Don’t be afraid to host the main event in a ballroom setting. 

With so many options regarding table décor, seating arrangements, themed entrances, subtle lighting, and more from the creative resources team, planners shouldn’t be afraid to host the main event in a ballroom; there are so many unique ways to theme and arrange the space specifically for your event. Plus, hosting an event at a Disney convention hotel is a great way to accommodate a large number of attendees and deliver your meeting’s primary messages to everyone. Smaller groups can move to private dinners or dessert parties after the main event. 

Tip #2: Consider non-traditional venues for your meeting.

Did you know that there are over 100 venues to choose from when planning your meeting or event? From a new private-event venue for groups inside Disneyland Park, to a Disney Springs restaurant, to a private buyout of Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, there are so many spaces worth consideration. Our Disney Event Consultants suggest being open to venue ideas from your sales representative and event consultant – there may be an unexpected venue that fits perfectly for your meeting!

Tip #3: Re-imagine a venue space with different themes and décor.

An immersive theme, the perfect lighting, and the right décor can liven up any ballroom or venue space. The possibilities are endless when it comes to re-decorating the venue to fit the tone of your meeting, whether it is fanciful and fun or sophisticated and elegant. You can even transform the entire ballroom into another setting – such as a fairytale land, a sports stadium, a jungle safari, or an international destination!

Tip #4: Give attendees the option to “take a seat”.

Switch up the seating arrangement during your general session to get creative juices flowing and create unique networking spaces. High boys, sofas, classroom-style set up, round tables, and square tables are all original seating arrangement ideas.

Tip #5: Incorporate team builders into the general session. 

Our Disney Event Consultants shared that one popular activity planners choose is to have Sarge, the commander of the Green Army Men from Toy Story, enter the middle of a session as a surprise. He can instruct attendees to participate in 15 minutes of exercise, such as jumping jacks and push-ups, before letting them return to their meeting. The benefits of adding an activity to your agenda include promoting health and wellness on behalf of your attendees, keeping them engaged, and helping them retain the information they learned from the meeting.

As industry leaders, Disney strives to make every meeting and event experiential and impactful for attendees. From the Disney convention hotels to the Disney Theme Parks, our venues can accommodate any group’s needs to help them make the most of their meeting.

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