From our Disney culinary teams to the convention services managers who work with our clients every day, we are constantly looking for ways to provide memorable moments to event planners and their attendees. Many times, this can be something as simple as a lunch buffet featuring foods in hues of a certain color—such as purple to match the CEO’s latest product or initiative, or a Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar delivered to the attendees’ guest rooms at the end of a long day. Other times, our teams are presented the exciting challenge of developing something entirely new and out of the box to create a “wow” for attendees.

Today, we are sharing one of those “wow” creations for groups—our latest private event design: Forest Feast.

Loosely based on the fairytale backdrop of the Dark Forest from the renowned Disney film, “Into The Woods,” our event designers recently developed a themed dinner tailored for adults, complete with lavish woodland decorations and a deliciously themed menu. 

Upon entering the event space, attendees walk through a soft mist and are greeted with forest-inspired cocktails featuring vine-ripened fresh berries.

“Our goal with Forest Feast was to design a comprehensive event experience which would transport our guests into the Black Forest setting of countless fairytales,” said Laurie Gilliar, Disney Event Group.

With every small detail in mind, the tablescape features earthy tones and textures, including a mossy table runner, fresh foliage and bright colorful berries. Guests even enjoy the meal sitting atop aged tree trunks.

Around the room, guests sample culinary delights from rustic-themed action stations presented by Disney’s world-class catering chefs, allowing each plate to be customized to the guest's liking.  The rustic forest theme is even carried throughout the desserts, as wholesome earthy pies are served in cast iron skillets.

This particular dining experience allows guests to savor every aspect of the forest theme and each of the unique design elements, from the food to the décor, to the interaction with our Disney chefs, creating a truly immersive and unforgettable event. The best part about this experience is that it is completely customizable. Everything from individual menu items to the flowers on the table can be modified based on the planner’s preference and budget.

“The feedback from our attendees so far has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Gilliar, “many of them left feeling inspired by the design.”

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