Our partners at Disney Institute are excited to introduce the full line-up of speakers and breakout-session content planned for the upcoming Disney Institute Women’s Leadership Summit, taking place June 4-6, 2019, at Disney’s Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. It promises to be a one-of-a-kind learning and networking experience for business leaders! 

Today, we’re excited to share a few more details—including the full line-up of Keynote Speakers. Take a look at who will be inspiring Guests at this Summit:

  • Catherine Powell - President, Disney Parks Western Region 
  • Robin Roberts - Co-Anchor, ABC’s “Good Morning America”
  • Ann Ramakumaran - Founder & CEO, Ampcus, Inc.
    Presented by Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)
  • Dr. Steve L. Robbins – Student of Human Behavior, Inclusion & Belonging; Neuroscientist

These accomplished professionals will offer their unique perspectives on leadership, empowerment and inclusion, including how their vision and strategic direction has positively impacted others. Read their professional bios and learn more.

But, this is just the start of what we have planned! In this conference-style event, Guests will tailor their learning experience to suit their individual development objectives by selecting from 10 different breakout sessions. 

Breakout sessions topics will include: 

  • Express a Passionate Vision – Using Disney leadership principles, learn and practice methods to develop and communicate a vision that motivates women and allies to action.
  • Strengthen Your Development of Future Leaders – Understand your unique contributions and how they influence and develop others to become more effective leaders. Get a glimpse into the methods used by Disney leaders to develop future leaders.
  • What Legacy are you Creating? – Hear from a multi-generational panel of Disney leaders about their philosophies and insights for creating an intentional legacy. Begin the journey of telling the story for which you want to be remembered. 
  • Understanding Values Alignment for a Healthy Business – Do your personal values align with those of your organization? Why does this matter? Learn how Disney views leadership using a value-driven lens to create purposeful alignment within an organization.  
  • The Relationship Between Information and Trust Can you effectively motivate a team to complete a project? In this fun, creative activity, you will experience how the free flow of information can be stopped up when there is a lack of trust. It will keep you on your toes as you quickly communicate details to complete the challenge and motivate your team to higher levels of trust.
  • Elevator Pitches to WOW! - Learn the mistakes professionals make in their pitches and practice ways to build trust with people when you pitch them. You will find out what people are dying to hear from you and how to pick a differentiator that will have their attention at “hello”!
  • Practice the Elevator Pitch: 1-on-1 Coaching to Fix the Pitch – Join us for an on-the-spot, in-person, live coaching session to fix your pitch. Walk away with a killer elevator pitch that gets you those desired meetings, impresses your key stakeholders, and leaves a lasting impression!
  • Storytelling as a Communication Strategy The ability to tell a story can help women leaders and allies create inspiring communications that can propel a team. In this session, discover Disney Institute concepts for developing a communication strategy through storytelling that captures the attention of your employees and clients as well.
  • The Caring Art of Listening You never know where your next idea will come from! Caring enough to intentionally listen can transform your culture and grow relationships that positively engage your clients and employees, as well as ignite creative ideas for your business. Hear first-hand from a Disney leader how listening intentionally not only creates new products, but makes people feel valued and cared about.
  • Processes and Policies: “What a Hassle!” The values a leader holds can influence the processes and policies that affect the service your organization delivers. In this session, we will share how infusing the values that women and allies bring to process and policy development can increase the engagement of your employees and enhance the service they provide.
  • Experience the Philosophy of a Disney Leader Walk Walk the talk of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts best practices as you learn how staying connected to the front line and role-modeling quality standards builds trusting connections within teams.

Powered by our unique brand of storytelling that brings to life over 60 years of business insights and time-tested principles, the Disney Institute Women’s Leadership Summit will be a transformative experience designed to inspire action and create lasting memories. Be inspired like never before and gain new skills to accelerate your growth as a leader. Learn more, then register here. 

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