Planning Guide

Planning Guide

Step 1: Identify Your Meeting Objectives
Identify your meeting objectives. What is the purpose of your meeting? Is it for training and education? Communication and networking? Idea generation? All of the above? No matter what the reason, Hong Kong Disneyland is a destination that brings a touch of magic to meetings.

Step 2: Return On Objectives
Define "success" for your meeting. Remember, it's not always about dollars and cents. Is team building your objective? Defining success at the outset will enhance your ability to deliver a program that meets your goals. Disney Meeting Representatives are your partners in this process to ensure that your business needs are met.

Step 3: Relevant Content & Activities
Now it's time to get creative and develop the content and activities that will help you to achieve your objectives. Hong Kong Disneyland is unparalleled in offering relevant content in a unique environment. Designed to entertain and inspire your group, this collection of ice breakers, tours, workshops and experiences will enhance your core programs and create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Step 4: Venues & Transportation
Hong Kong Disneyland is the perfect location for your next meeting or event, right down to the smallest detail. We offer venues, flexible meeting space, guest rooms, services and amenities, food and beverage services, entertainment, audio visual packages and transportation to airport. We can arrange almost everything you need to make your meeting or event a success.

Step 5: Select Your Destination and Submit Your Request For Proposal (RFP)
The last step is to select a location and hotel that will provide or facilitate the content and activities you have in mind for your group. This location should also contain all the necessary meeting space to accommodate your meeting needs.
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