Meetings & Events

Themed Events

No place can host an event like Hong Kong Disneyland. Your guests will enjoy enchanting surroundings, world-class entertainment and magical moments that will last a lifetime. Go beyond the every day and throw a themed event of your dreams!

Masquerade/Harlequin Fantasy Night
Your guests are met with an assortment of street performers in harlequin/masquerade costumes and the entire mood is one of European mystery and elegance, with an edge.

Party with the Pirates of the High Seas
It's a unique pirate-themed party night where your guests will turn to pirates, Captains or Scullery Workers, to experience a truly memorable evening.

Create Your Own Theme
If you'd like to demonstrate your unique taste and talent, we'll help you create a personalized one-of-a-kind entertainment program. We'll take your wildest ideas and turn them into reality! It will be an enchanting Disney Meetings experience your attendees will always remember.
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