Meetings & Events

A private event at Hong Kong Disneyland means an event in the heart of the magic. Throw a Sci-fi movie themed party in Tomorrowland, take your guests to a Fantasyland banquet dinner, Disney Railroad Station Cocktail Party, or do a restaurant buyout. A world of opportunity awaits.

Come to a world where imagination knows no bounds. Tap into the power of dreams at Hong Kong Disneyland! The solution to all your corporate event needs, our Park event options give you private access to key areas of the Park. There's never been anything quite like it! Just imagine the event of your dreams, featuring private shows, special Character appearances plus the hottest Park attractions and dining venues all to yourselves.

Choose from:
  • Disney Railroad Station Cocktail and Fantasyland Dinner Package
  • Tomorrowland Theme Party
  • Park Restaurant Special
  • Breakfast in the Park

No place can host an event like Hong Kong Disneyland. Your guests will enjoy enchanting surroundings, world-class entertainment and magical moments that will last a lifetime. Go beyond the every day and throw a themed event of your dreams!

Masquerade/Harlequin Fantasy Night
Your guests are met with an assortment of street performers in harlequin/masquerade costumes and the entire mood is one of European mystery and elegance, with an edge.

Party with the Pirates of the High Seas
It's a unique pirate-themed party night where your guests will turn to pirates, Captains or Scullery Workers, to experience a truly memorable evening.

Create Your Own Theme
If you'd like to demonstrate your unique taste and talent, we'll help you create a personalized one-of-a-kind entertainment program. We'll take your wildest ideas and turn them into reality! It will be an enchanting Disney Meetings experience your attendees will always remember.

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