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Firsthand Star Wars Experience for Standard Chartered VIPs

Celebrating the renewal of a decade-long corporate alliance with Hong Kong Disneyland, the resort’s official bank sponsor Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd treated its guests to a private preview night of the “Star Wars: Tomorrowland Takeover” on June 10. The 1,300 event guests were the first to experience Asia’s first and only “Star Wars: Tomorrowland Takeover” before it was officially launched to the public.

The buyout experience started in the Hyperspace Mountain. Guests received a mission from Admiral Ackbar before they got on the adrenalin-pumping ride, which took them into the crossfires of TIE fighters and X-wings in an outer space dogfight!

More exclusive entertainment was staged along the way to keep the VIP guests entertained. They took pictures with legendary Wookie pilot Chewbacca and astromech droid R2-D2 in the Star Wars: Command Post. As Captain Phasma and Stormtroopers carried out their First Order Patrol, the guests armed themselves by building their very own lightsabers in the Space Traders merchandise shop. They also enjoyed themed meals at Starliner Diner.

Apart from the Star Wars themed attractions, an exclusive showing of “Mickey and the Wondrous Book” was arranged, drawing all event guests to Disney’s Storybook Theater where the captive audience heard a speech by Mr. Neil Daswani, Global Head, Corporate Partnerships of Standard Chartered Bank.

These privileged offers and experiences are available for all corporate buyout events. Aside from Star Wars, corporations can plan their perfect event at any themed land or restaurant according to specific needs.

Guest Testimonial
“Our high-value clients and business partners were able to enjoy a special preview and really get into the world of Star Wars. What really impressed us was the resort’s dedication to every logistical detail and how they provided a good customer experience.”
Neil Daswani, Global Head, Corporate Partnerships Standard Chartered Bank

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