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Isagenix Conference – A toast to success!

Isagenix Asia Pacific toasted the success of 300 partners by leveraging Hong Kong Disneyland Resort’s world-class service to create a celebration to remember.

For this two-day incentive cum product presentation event, entertainment was a key ingredient in delivering wow moments that make Disney events extraordinary.

Our Resort’s Business Solutions & Events (BS&E) Team carefully selected dynamic entertainment programs to magnify the celebratory atmosphere. The first night’s welcome dinner in the grand Cinderella Ballroom of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel kicked off the conference with a bang. Live music from the Resort’s Orchestra filled the splendid venue, singers and dancers performed popular musical acts. The arrival of our beloved Disney Characters for the captivating finale thrilled every attendee, leaving them with wonderful memories.

The BS&E Team elevated the magical atmosphere for the next day’s business session. The unexpected appearances of an innovative percussion group and a musical set in between the business presentations, added fresh sparkle to the event and impressed attendees with extra wow moments.

“Disney brings so much to an event that you cannot do it at any other place. I am so happy we chose Disney,” said the Isagenix China spokesperson. “From the first moment I walked in the door, the team treated us like royalty. I believe the entertainment, the food and everything worked so good for us.”

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