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Rotary 3450's 50th anniversary

Location advantage makes a perfect venue for Rotary 3450's 50th anniversary

As an integrated property in a scenic location, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort provided Rotary 3450 with an ideal location for its 50th anniversary celebration cum annual conference. The Resort's secluded location allowed the organizer to keep the 500 participating Rotarians on site for business while its integrated offerings ensured accompanying family members were fully entertained.

Participants who came from across Asia were warmly welcomed by Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Cast Members waving special Mickey Mouse hands for their two-day, one-night event. The official program kicked off with an inspirational leaders' lunch and a joyous opening ceremony in which Rotary leaders and children marched in with flags. This was followed by children performing a welcome song and national anthems.

A special photo moment was arranged for the group in the hotel's iconic Mickey Maze to capture their Disney moment. The day's highlight was the memorable Governor's Banquet featuring live entertainment provided by the Rotarians and an awards ceremony. To add the Disney touch, Disney Chefs enchanted Guests with a rendition of "Be Our Guest" while personally serving bread at the tables and marching up to the stage.

Outside the meeting rooms, family members had fun with activities such as a hotel tour, team-building games in the Dreamer's Garden for spouses and a kids' program packed with play sessions, special meals and, of course, visits to the theme park for the young VIPs.

Guests applauded the Business Solutions & Events Team for being "responsive and adaptive throughout the event." At one point, Cast Members responded within short notice to accommodate an additional 100 people for a meal event that turned out to be more popular than anticipated.

Organizers said they achieved the objective of hosting a memorable event in a venue with the "wow" factor to reward the group for their efforts, even as they adhered to the principle of minimizing cost in line with Rotary's non-profit status.
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