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Hong Kong Disneyland's Imagination in Action: BAXTER "Dare to Dream" China / Hong Kong 2012 Business Conference

In February 2012, Baxter Healthcare (Shanghai) Company Limited held the BAXTER China / Hong Kong 2012 Business Conference at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. The conference aimed to facilitate open communication between employees, and encourage them to "Dare to Dream".
The Conference hosted around 500 Baxter employees over a large-scale three-day event, with Hong Kong Disneyland's Business Solutions and Events Team worked closely with Baxter on every aspect of the Conference, from event planning to execution, to ensure the event went smoothly.
With a full schedule of activities planned for the event, the Disney Team understood that the conference required a range of spacious venues, and utilized indoor and outdoor venues at the hotel accordingly.
The opening ceremony was held in the Cinderella Ballroom, where Baxter Senior Executives wrote "Dare to Dream" on a large LCD screen with calligraphic brushes and gave inspirational speeches. Under the seamless coordination of the Disney team, the Ballroom was then quickly transformed into a sports-themed arena, equipped with areas for breakout sessions. Later in the evening, the Baxter division executives led all employees in swearing an oath of dedication to the success of the company for the coming year.
The final day of the conference began with outdoor team building activities in the afternoon, after which delegates attended the grand finale gala dinner. Ending the event on a high note, Baxter executives presented awards to outstanding contributions to the company, while playing video clips of conference highlights.
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