Port Adventures

Port Adventures—shore excursions that have been specially selected by Disney Cruise Line®—provide your attendees with the very best in recreation, leisure and sightseeing each destination has to offer. By adding a Port Adventure to their cruise, attendees will receive an unforgettable experience ashore along with the peace of mind that comes with having Disney do all the planning.

Reserve a Port Adventure with Disney Cruise Line®—instead of booking an independent tour at the Port—and Guests can be sure to enjoy a hassle-free excursion with all of the service, quality and fun that they would expect from Disney.

Convenient and Hassle Free
  • Reserve online and have your tickets waiting in your stateroom when you arrive.
  • Avoid getting lost in an unfamiliar port, negotiating fares and dealing with currency exchange.
  • Tour times coincide with the ship's schedule and with other excursions, enabling you to take multiple tours. If the ship arrives late into port, we'll adjust our schedules.
  • If an excursion runs late, the ship will remain in port or we'll arrange transportation to the next port of call at no expense to you. Independently booked tours require you to rejoin the ship at the next port of call—and pay all flight and hotel costs.
  • All excursions are fully refundable for missed ports of call if an itinerary changes.
Safety, Service, Quality and Value
  • Excursion operators are selected by Disney based on their ability to promote a safe experience ashore, while bringing each port to life.
  • Adventures include a wide range of activities for all age groups.
  • Expert advice is available onboard with our experienced Port Adventures staff.
  • Enjoy quality experiences at competitive prices plus added value with packages and extras not available elsewhere.
  • The Signature Adventure Collection tours let you customize your time ashore with private vehicles or special experiences unique to Disney Cruise Line®.
Port Adventures are operated by independent contractors that are neither agents of, nor supervised or controlled by, Disney Cruise Line®. Disney Cruise Line® does not maintain their facilities or modes of transportation and is not responsible for any injury or property damage/loss that Guests may incur in connection with a Port Adventure. All Port Adventures are subject to the Disney Cruise Line Cruise Contract. All Port Adventure tickets are non-refundable and pricing is subject to change without notice. Bear in mind that excursions themselves are also subject to change or cancellation at any time. For your safety and enjoyment, some Port Adventures have age restrictions, and children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

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